100% female-owned

We’re the best people to help you create a greater connection with audiences that matter to you.

We integrate problem-solving innovation methodologies, targeted marketing, strategic communications, behaviour change, and stakeholder engagement to take a human-centered approach to understanding audiences to better serve, connect and communicate with them.

Window looking inside of the Rowdy Inc office

In a world defined by rapid change and soaring expectations, organisations and governments that remain committed to aligning what they offer with what their audience needs, whether they are customers, clients, citizens, communities, members, shareholders, or their own workforce, forge greater connections.

Our services position connectivity as the vital core of every project.

This central theme unfolds as we understand human motivations, needs, and expectations, seeking clarity and alignment around strategic direction and building activities that forge meaningful connections between organisations and governments and their audiences.


Know your audience

Understanding what truly motivates people is vital to creating meaningful connections, compelling messaging, and communication that inspires action.

Plan your interaction

We empower organisations and governments to build stronger connections and deliver greater value by helping them establish strategic clarity and alignment around a definitive direction.

Implement with confidence

Our team activates brand and communication strategy by developing experiences and touch points to motivate audience behaviour and achieve defined objectives.

Who we are

At the core of our identity, we are a female owned organisation with a desire to promote diversity, economic growth, innovation, and societal progress, while also contributing to a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

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