Who we are

At the core of our identity, we are a female-owned organisation with a desire to promote diversity, economic growth, innovation, and societal progress, while also contributing to a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

Rowdy Inc | There's so much more to us

We have a particular passion for relationships and human connection – to each other and with organisations or governments. We actively seek diversity in people and perspectives. We inspire our clients to do the same by understanding the diversity of perspectives within their own audience segments to provide greater value and connection to them.

Our guiding principles are


We relentlessly seek deeper human truths and motivations.


We embrace iteration and trying new things.


We question the status quo and conventional wisdom and trends.


We integrate innovative frameworks to drive progress and fresh thinking.


We lead with emotional intelligence and compassion.


We cut through noise to focus on what matters most.

Our Team

Claire Reynolds from Rowdy Inc

Claire Reynolds

Senior communication and project lead

Judy Waters from Rowdy Inc

Judy Waters

Senior advisor

Deb Northover from Rowdy Inc

Deb Northover

Business manager

Ann Lee from Rowdy Inc

Ann Lee

Digital and project lead

Kerstin Oberprieler

Senior advisor - behaviour change

Melanie Taylor

Communications strategist

Trish Bergin

Strategic advisor - public sector

Llewella Jago from Rowdy Inc

Llewella Jago

Senior strategy and creative lead

We are generous.

Building partnerships through a spirit of abundance, collaboration, and service, sharing our capabilities wholeheartedly to help drive progress and change.

We are human-centered.

Leading with empathy, ethical responsibility, and a core belief in understanding audience motivations first.

We have an integrated mindset.

Ensuring connectivity across all strategic directions, creative expressions, and activation touchpoints for a unified, cohesive experience.

We are deliberately boutique.

A small, tight-knit team of senior professionals we bring agility, personalisation, care, and complete accountability to every project.

We only engage when there’s a values alignment.

Our relationships are grounded in shared values allowing for greater trust and impact. Relationships above transactions.


Rowdy offers the opportunity for governments, education institutions and organisations to engage our services delivered by qualified and experienced strategists. Our services can be engaged through various government panel arrangements, including:

These panels are multi-agency enabling all departments and agencies to access our services.


Our clients

We partner with universities, organisations and governments seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their stakeholders’ unmet needs in order to better connect with them.

Together we:

  • Understand human motivations – uncover stakeholder core motivators, anxieties and desired outcomes that shape communication, engagement and experiences.
  • Set strategic direction – establish clarity of vision and priorities at the leadership level while enabling smooth operational activation through teams.
  • Aligned action and activation – bring strategy to life through creativity, content and digital solutions designed around audience needs and creating cohesion across touchpoints.
  • Track and optimise impact – embed impact frameworks to continually gather feedback and refine direction to drive momentum on key performance indicators tied to objectives.

Who we work with