Action and activation

Finding new students for a new Master’s


Australian National University – School of Chemistry

How might we develop a campaign to attract Master’s students to a new course?

The Australian National University is widely regarded as one of the best universities in Australia and is consistently ranked among the top universities globally. The School of Chemistry engaged rowdy to assist them with enrolments to a new course, Master of Science in Material Science.

The challenge was twofold. First, the School of Chemistry needed to raise awareness about the new Master’s program in Material Science, especially given its status as the inaugural offering. Second, they had to engage potential students effectively, compelling them to act and enrol in the program. The limited time available and the need for strategic precision made this a complex endeavour.

Our approach added significant value by strategically positioning the Master’s program, engaging potential students on a personal level, and driving enrolments. This successful campaign highlighted ANU’s commitment to pioneering education in emerging fields and demonstrated the impact of a well-executed digital enrolment strategy.

We developed a comprehensive digital campaign strategy to address these challenges, adding significant value to the School of Chemistry’s enrolment efforts:

  • Audience-centric approach
    The project commenced with one-on-one interviews with potential students and academics close to the course. This approach aimed to distil genuine insights into why individuals would choose to enrol in the Master’s program, ensuring that the campaign messaging resonated with the target audience.
  • Digital campaign strategy
    We devised a digital campaign strategy that encompassed all phases of the enrolment process, from awareness and engagement to action. This comprehensive strategy ensured a cohesive and effective approach.
  • Creative direction
    We developed the overarching creative direction for the campaign. This included designing landing pages and ads that would capture the attention of potential students and drive them toward enrolment.
  • CRM integration
    We seamlessly integrated CRM systems to facilitate efficient enrolment tracking, communication, and follow-up with potential students.


Greater value for their audiences was achieved by:


  • Increased awareness
    The campaign effectively raised awareness about the Master’s program in Material Science, reaching a broad audience of potential students. 
  • Engagement
    By distilling genuine insights into audience motivations, the campaign engaged potential students on a personal level, making the program more relevant to their aspirations.
  • Action
    The strategic campaign approach led to a notable increase in enrolments, exceeding the School of Chemistry’s enrolment goal by 25%.
  • Efficiency
    The CRM integration enhanced the efficiency of enrolment tracking and communication, streamlining the process for both the school and potential students.