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Australian Education Union (AEU) - ACT Branch

How might we build a more modern look and feel without changing our logo to better connect with members?

The AEU is one of Australia’s largest and most influential education unions, passionately advocating for the interests of education professionals, encompassing teachers, support staff, and educators across diverse education sectors. This includes public schools, early childhood education, and vocational education and training.

Rowdy was initially commissioned by the AEU to set a direction for their marketing and communications efforts, with a particular emphasis on their valued members. A key recommendation from this strategy was a modernisation of the brand without changing the logo, strengthening AEU’s connection with members and stakeholders, ultimately enhancing its impact and relevance.


Building upon the insights from the strategy, rowdy developed suitable brand options. These options underwent rigorous testing across different audience segments, leading to refinement and culminating in the present brand. Accompanying this brand fresh was a comprehensive brand guide and a roll out of the new brand to corporate items including stationary, templates, signage, membership forms and merchandise, collectively weaving a consistent and compelling story for AEU.


Greater value for their audiences was achieved by:


  • Enhanced brand identity
    The modernisation of the brand, without changing the logo, allowed the AEU to refresh its visual identity while retaining the recognition and trust associated with the existing logo. 
  • Audience-centric branding
    The rigorous testing of brand options across different audience segments ensured that the new brand identity resonated authentically with members and stakeholders. This audience-centric approach enhances engagement and loyalty.
  • Comprehensive brand guide
    The development of a comprehensive brand guide provides AEU with a clear and consistent set of guidelines for how to use their brand across various communication channels. This ensures that messaging and visuals align cohesively, reinforcing the brand’s impact.
  • Consistency in brand rollout
    The rollout of the new brand to corporate items ensures consistency in branding across all touchpoints. This consistency strengthens brand recognition and reinforces the AEU values and mission.