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A better digital experience


Australian Education Union (AEU) - ACT Branch

How might we design and develop a website that is in line with our future vision and is fit for purpose for members?

The AEU is one of Australia’s largest and most influential education unions, passionately advocating for the interests of education professionals, encompassing teachers, support staff, and educators across diverse education sectors. This includes public schools, early childhood education, and vocational education and training.

Rowdy was initially commissioned by the AEU to set a direction for their marketing and communications efforts, with a particular emphasis on their valued members. A key recommendation from this strategy was a new website to enhance member engagement, streamline operations, and future-proof their online presence.



Leveraging insights from the initial marketing and communications strategy we approached the project encompassing the following elements:

  • Consultation integration
    Building on the insights gathered during the initial strategy phase, we ensured that member feedback and preferences were at the core of the website redesign.
  • User experience restructuring
    We reviewed and restructured the user experience to optimise navigation, content accessibility, and overall website usability.
  • Integrated CRM
    A central consideration of the project was the integration of a CRM. This integration allowed members to sign in seamlessly, reducing duplication of information and offering a personalised experience.
  • Member portal segmentation
    We created a gated member portal that segmented content and features based on different types of members, catering to their specific needs and interests providing a better user experience.
  • Online membership registration
    AEU’s new website made it easier for potential members to join online, streamlining the membership registration process and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Event registration
    The platform also enabled members to sign up for events, workshops, and conferences directly through the website, providing a convenient registration process.
  • Enhanced communication
    The integrated CRM facilitated direct communication between AEU and its members through the website, improving engagement and information dissemination.



Greater value for their audiences was achieved by:


  • Improved member engagement
    The integrated CRM and segmented member portal allowed AEU to engage with members in a more personalised and targeted manner, enhancing member satisfaction.
  • Streamlined operations
    The new website streamlined administrative processes, such as membership registration and event management, reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.
  • Enhanced user Eexperience
    The user experience restructuring led to a more intuitive and user-friendly website, positively impacting member interactions.
  • Future-ready platform
    AEU’s new website positioned them for future growth, ensuring that they could adapt to evolving member needs.