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Direction setting

A clear way forward


Australian Education Union (AEU) - ACT Branch

How might we produce a Strategic Intent in line with the requirements of the Executive?

The AEU is one of Australia’s largest and most influential education unions, passionately advocating for the interests of education professionals, encompassing teachers, support staff, and educators across diverse education sectors. This includes public schools, early childhood education, and vocational education and training.

Rowdy’s collaboration with AEU in crafting a strategic intent demonstrated how a well-designed, inclusive, and resonant strategic document can provide greater value by uniting an organisation around shared goals, inspiring its members and stakeholders, and accelerating the implementation of strategic initiatives.



We adopted a strategic approach that not only drew on our extensive knowledge of AEU but also incorporated the perspectives of members. The solution included the following key steps:

  • Design thinking approach
    Building on our established design thinking approach, we engaged in collaborative workshops with AEU’s members. This allowed us to integrate their views, ideas, and aspirations into the strategic intent.
  • Workshopping elements
    During the workshops, we workshopped various elements of the strategic intent, encouraging members to provide input and feedback. This iterative process ensured that the document would reflect the collective wisdom and resonance of AEU members.



Greater value for their audiences was achieved by:


  • Member involvement
    Members felt genuinely involved and heard in the strategic planning process, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to the intent’s goals.
  • Resonance
    The document resonated well with AEU members, aligning with their vision and values. This resonance increased buy-in and enthusiasm for the strategic priorities.
  • Swift approval
    Thanks to the extensive groundwork and member input, the strategic intent gained quick approval with minimal revisions. This expedited the implementation of strategic initiatives.
  • Clear roadmap
    The strategic intent provided AEU with a clear roadmap for their future priorities and focus areas, ensuring alignment and cohesion in their efforts.
  • Enhanced value
    The value of the strategic intent extended beyond a mere document; it became a tool to energise the AEU and provided a shared vision for the future.