We're the problem solving hyper responsive, reliable, up to date marketing and communications team you wish you had.

We're the problem solving hyper responsive, reliable, up to date marketing and communications team you wish you had.

Window looking inside of the Rowdy Inc office

Marketing and communications are wide and fragmented spaces full of exciting opportunity to solve challenges and change minds.

We are a team of strategically minded marketing and communications professionals who can help you develop strategy, implement great tactics, consult on specific needs or step into your organisation as your marketing and communications leader.

We have experience working with government, Not-For-Profit and the private sector in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China and America. 


Great strategy is not an event – a workshop, a session – it’s a process. To start the strategy process, it’s critical to understand the type of strategy needed and how it will interplay with the rest of the organisation. It could be a deliberate strategy to drive a particular set of objectives, or it could be an emerging strategy that needs more space for experimentation and learning. We use a suite of methodologies depending on the project and always deliver a genuinely useful strategy that considers the wider operating environment and how it will best be integrated.

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media strategy

As one of the pillars of marketing, communication is a lever for many outcomes. We use a thorough customer centric process to understand the situation, the desired outcome, available data/ insights, audience groups, optimal messaging and channel selection. Then we add creativity and distinctiveness with testing and research to add an evidence base.

  • Internal communications
  • External/ stakeholder communications including national PR
  • Change communications

One of the hallmarks of great creative and content is its distinctiveness. We align creative and content to audiences and work with a carefully curated group of senior designers, videographers and writers so no two jobs feel or look the same. We know how to use design and messaging as a competitive advantage.

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Creative copywriting
  • Corporate and government copywriting
  • Video production

A channel that makes an appearance in most of our projects, digital is an excellent tool for growth, influence and awareness. For many clients, having a well-designed website is only half the job – they then need to invite people to visit the website. Our digital marketing services deliver across the full funnel from awareness to purchase. Our website projects are carefully managed and phased with key stakeholder communication being a key consideration.

  • Website design and development – WordPress, Drupal etc
  • Martech stack development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social media campaign plans and ad buy
  • Google ad buy
  • Lead generation campaigns

How we work

Strategy first

We understand the project and the operating environment of the client to develop a strategy that will work for that exact set of circumstances. We use a wide range of proven methodologies

A small but powerful team

We’ve all worked together for many years and have complementary expertise and the same dedication to servicing our clients  

Generous leadership

We’ll give you the benefit of our extensive experience and often go further than the project scope to reach outcomes

We’ll never have a huge client list

This means our clients receive the full benefit of thoughtful, fully engaged and custom-made advice and leadership

Relationships matter

We remove business mechanisms such as billable hours, authors corrections and senior v junior hourly rates that can create contention and define projects in a manner that doesn’t put the relationship first

Sharp thinking

Great work can be hard at first and is hardly ever linear. We are all committed to continual learning to develop our skills to frame, solve and meet client needs better


Values we live by

When you win, we win

We always strive to produce amazing work – that simply works.

Collaboration is the key to happiness

Build a bridge so collaboration is willing, enjoyable and productive – then do lots of it

Dig deeper, discover more, explore always

Never stop at the obvious

Always leaning in to know more

Talk less. Listen more.

Compassion and understanding

Care about each other and who our work will impact

Conference partner

Digital partner

Rowdy is on the Federal Government Creative and Digital Services Panel, ANU Marketing and Communications Services Panel, and a buy.nsw (NSW Government) Supplier.